Sick of searching for what to watch? You’re not alone. The average American spends the equivalent of a month of 40 hour work weeks trying to figure out what to watch next.

At FilmFish, our vision is to recommend shows and movies just for you—based on what you love, and what you can watch for free. We’ve developed a proprietary machine learning algorithm that scales human curation to make over 1.2 million high quality recommendations, based on your favorite shows and movies, and your streaming platforms.

To this end we’ve assembled an all-star team of entertainment and tech experts. Our team members have starred in multiple blockbusters (Topher), produced a Netflix series on El Chapo (Daniel), reviewed movies with Roger Ebert (Joyce), founded a Y-Combinator start-up (Simon), and taught at MIT (Don and David).

All so you can search less, and watch more.

Meet the team

Phillip Sull

Co-Founder, Product and Marketing

Phillip Sull graduated from Williams College in 2014, and since that time has been working on building the perfect movie recommendation service in MIT/Kendall Square, Cambridge. He heads up product development and marketing.

Alex Stephenson

Co-Founder, Finance and Operations

Alex Stephenson heads up the financial and ops. side of things at FilmFish, and has been working alongside Phillip from the company's conception in 2014.

Topher Grace


Topher Grace is an award-winning American actor, best known for his breakout role in 'That 70s Show', and cinematic performances in 'Spider-Man 3', 'Predators', 'In Good Company', 'Truth', and 'American Ultra'.

Joyce Kulhawik

Advisor, Contributing Writer

Joyce Kulhawik is best known as the Emmy winning arts and entertainment critic for CBS-Boston; nationally Kulhawik has co-hosted syndicated movie review programs with Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin.

Donald Sull

Chairman of the Board, Strategic Advisor

Professor Sull is the co-director of MIT’s X-Lab to run randomized experiments in companies. He formerly taught entrepreneurship at Harvard, and works extensively with start-ups including BetterWorks, ClimaCell, and FoodPanda. His favorite FilmFish list is “Old Guys Partying."

Daniel Posada

Investor, COO

Daniel Is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dark Factory Entertainment. A Sundance featured producer, he has shot many films both in Latin America and the US. Due to his unique experience in the film industry, Daniel Is Chief Content Officer at FilmFish.

Simon Borrero


Simon is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is a recent Y-Combinator graduate and the founder of lmaginamos, a 300+ employee software development company with over 3,000 corporate clients.

David Hartzband

Technical Advisor

David Hartzband Is an experienced technology futurist, responsible for development of many software products acquired by Oracle, EMC, & others. He currently teaches at MIT on large scale information systems.

Will Brierly


For the past 17 years Will Brierly has run Snowrunner Productions. He has worked with Grammy Award winning artists, Emmy Award winning TV shows, NY Times best selling authors, international government agencies, video games, and more... He is also known for creating the first FPS (first person Soda drinking simulation) Soda Drinker Pro.